One Secret Creates All Your Passwords

One Secret for All Your Secure Passwords

One Secret generates your complex, unique, tailored passwords. Never have to struggle with complex characters again.

One Secret – Easy to Remember, Most Secure

The Problem

Today, every website forces us to choose passwords with several constraints. These constraints may vary from choosing a password with a certain length, include lower/upper cases, and may even require numbers and special characters. The goal of these complexity requirements is to make password more secure. The problem with this approach is that it also lands us with a long list of difficult to remember passwords. When we do end up needing those passwords we can never recall them correctly and end up going through a password reset process.

The Solution

At ReAn, we have built a solution that allows you to use one easy to remember secret for all websites while ensuring the highest levels of security.

The “How”?

When creating a new account, you go through the normal process of creating a username and password. While choosing a password, when you click in the password dialog box, you will notice a drop down list with some themes. Currently 4 themes are supported, namely book, location, music and movie. You can select the one you like. Let’s say I select Movie. I can then start typing in a movie name of my choice, let’s say Lord of the Rings. As I start typing the name, a drop down box appears with the list of movies. I can then select my movie.

From the movie name, ReAn will generate a very strong password. You don’t need to remember this password. All you need to remember is your movie.

ReAn generated passwords have the following properties that make them very usable and secure:

  • The generated passwords meet the password policies of the individual websites
  • Passwords are unique for every website
  • Every user gets unique passwords
  • They work on for all the devices a user registers in a “circle of trust” that the user can create.

The complexity of password generation is completely hidden from the user. The user remembers just one secret