ReAn Cryptography

ReAn Cryptography Details

ReAn leverages the best available cryptographic measure to secure your accounts. There are multiple security keys and ciphers in play. Most of the technical complexity is hidden from the end user.


There are 3 different cryptography keys that come together to generate your password. Even the smallest change in any of these keys completely alters the passwords. The keys are designed to come together easily for valid users. For anyone attempting to hack or steal these keys, the process is incredibly hard.

WebSite Key

Every website gets a unique key. It is 1024 bit long and impossible to crack using current computational resources. This key never leaves the ReAn backend and the user never sees or interacts with it directly.

Circle of Trust Key

This is another completely unique 1024 bit key. Once again this key is never available to the end user or the device. The user is only provided a reference to this key using a session token.

User Key

The user key is controlled and generated by the end user’s device. When the user selects a secret, the secret is converted into a 256bit key using SCrypt. To make this key even more secure, each CoT is provisioned with a unique salt. It is makes it nearly impossible to launch any sort of dictionary attack.

Password Generation

There a many factors that go into generating your secure password for the site. The main factors are the 3 keys mentioned above. ReAn plugin and back-end are designed to combine these keys in a seamless fashion to generate the most secure passwords possible. When these 3 keys come together, the user’s password is generated. Any change in these keys completely alters the results. The keys can only come together when the user patterns match a valid use case. Any attempt to alter/tamper or attack results in invalid results for the attacker.