Getting Started

Download ReAn
ReAn for Chrome can be downloaded from unlisted link

Installation and First Use
If you have not already installed ReAn please download and install ReAn by following the instructions on the video

Theme to Select
The main purpose of ReAn is to make is extremely easy to generate complex passwords. To this purpose, ReAn offers 4 themes. You can choose a secret using a theme that is memorable for you but very hard for others to guess. As an example, this can be a song from your childhood or a restaurant in city that has your favorite soup. It could be book or a movie that had a deep impact on you. Overall, something that is personal and unique.

Password Generation
ReAn takes your memorable secret and converts it into a very strong password. The details on the inner workings can be referred at

Try it On a Website
Give ReAn a shot on a real website. Use ReAn on a completely new website when trying to register or change password on an existing website. While changing password, use ReAn to generate the new password. After successful password change, you will be able to use ReAn to login.

Running into Issues?
We are motivated to help you. Contact us at We will get back to you at the earliest possible.