Security with Usability

ReAn Pro provides the best in class security that is extremely ease to use.

Need for Usability
Traditional security solutions are cumbersome to use. They require deep understanding of computers and security. If we want to improve security we need solutions that solve this problem without burdening the users with technical expertise.

Our Approach

ReAn was designed with the mindset of making security extremely easy to use. While the technical details are available and interesting, the user does not need to understand them. The workflow is familiar to the end user and very similar to every day use of the Internet. We are particularly sensitive to the learning curve with ReAn.

In addition, the password generation is embedded directly in the password field of the website. There is no additional software to manage and login. ReAn turns the password field into a search field. As long the user finds their correct secret, ReAn applies the necessary cryptographic functions and generates the correct password.

What Makes ReAn Easy to Use

  • ReAn does not require complex passwords. It it based on easy to use and find secrets. Secrets personal and unique.
  • The secrets are searchable. They are not expected to type exactly right. Even spelling mistakes are accommodated.
  • All passwords are multi-factored using device verification