Installation Guide

How To Install ReAn


First Time User
One important factor for your security is “something you have”. A phone number is therefore preferred and recommended. Text messages serve a good balance between usability and security for offline communication. An email account that has 2-step-verification enabled is also a good choice. It is important to choose email only if it has 2-step-verification enabled.

Used It Before
If you have used ReAn before then you are aware of its Circle of Trust. You can therefore find yourself by entering your email address or phone number. Once found, you can send the verification code to it.

Verify Code
The code verification process is very straight forward and should be very familiar. Enter the SMS text in the text box. For verification code sent in email, you should be able to click on the link provided. ReAn will set everything else up.

Optional Phone/Email
We strongly recommend adding alternate phone/email address. That way, if you ever lose access to one you will be able to recover your passwords using the other.

Ready To Use

You are all set and ready to use ReAn now.