Enhanced Security via Crytography

ReAn Pro uses strongest cryptography to enhance your security. Cryptographic algorithms generate very strong passwords for you.

ReAn Pro provides Enhanced Security via Cryptography. It leverages strongest cryptography for password generation.

Cryptographic algorithms leverage your computation power to protect against the online threats. ReAn Pro greatly enhances your online security.

Why is ReAn more secure than any existing approach? 

Security Features

ReAn perfected the concept of secure passwords. Everything you wanted from your passwords is done by ReAn Pro.

Unique Passwords — Every password generated by ReAn is unique for your use. Further, passwords are unique for every website. It is therefore not possible to reuse passwords with ReAn. In the event a website is comprised and passwords are leaked, your other websites are still safe. The risk of password reuse is therefore eliminated.

Inherently Multi-factor — The cryptographic functions of ReAn requires your distributed keys to come together. Your secret and device provides necessary keys. These two keys when combined with ReAn generated keys, generate a unique password.

Password Strength — Password complexity rules are inconsistent and confusing across websites. ReAn understands the password complexity rules of websites. It generates the most secure password based on the password security rules of the website.

No Password Store — ReAn is a true password generator that heavily leverages cryptography. There is no password store of any kind. The risk of compromise is therefore eliminated.

Phishing Protection — Phishing and/or Spear Phishing is one of the most potent attacks on Internet. The defenses for phishing so far have been weak. With ReAn your passwords will never be compromised by Phishing. The password generated for each site is unique. In worst case, the Phishing site will receive a password that will not work on any other website.

Layered Security — All security features provided by ReAn only add to security. ReAn does not replace or reduce the security features of the site in anyway.