Getting Started

Download ReAn ReAn for Chrome can be downloaded from unlisted link Installation and First Use If you have not already installed ReAn please download and install ReAn by following the instructions on the video Theme to Select The main purpose of ReAn is to make is extremely easy to generate complex passwords. To[…]

Multi-Factor Based Passwords

What is Multi Factor Authentication The biggest weakness of password based authentication systems is the ability to guess or brute-force passwords. Passwords are relatively easy to guess for many users and commonly reused. The combination allows the hackers to obtain passwords from compromised sites and use them against other sites, thereby taking over the users’[…]

ReAn Protects

Phishing Protection

What is Phishing Phishing is electronic trickery with malicious intent. In most cases it is an attack that is designed to steal sensitive information from the victim and/or infect their system with malware. What is Spear Phishing Spear Phishing is a targeted phishing attack. Unlike phishing attacks that casts a wide net and rely on[…]