Tailored Passwords

  WebSite Password Policies Password policies for websites across the Internet is a real head scratcher. There is no standard policy or even policies. The minimum and maximum password length requirements vary heavily across the sites. Very often sites limit the list of special characters that can be used by the users. This often causes[…]

ReAn Cryptography

ReAn Cryptography Details ReAn leverages the best available cryptographic measure to secure your accounts. There are multiple security keys and ciphers in play. Most of the technical complexity is hidden from the end user. There are 3 different cryptography keys that come together to generate your password. Even the smallest change in any of these keys completely[…]

Installation Guide

How To Install ReAn   First Time User One important factor for your security is “something you have”. A phone number is therefore preferred and recommended. Text messages serve a good balance between usability and security for offline communication. An email account that has 2-step-verification enabled is also a good choice. It is important to choose[…]